Special Needs
The Special Needs Division focuses on moms with children with physical and mental disabilities. These moms spend most of their week going from doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, occupational and speech therapies. By blessing theses moms, our organization brings encouragement, financial relief, and reassurance to special needs moms.

Special Needs Division Leader: Lauren Klingenberg


Critical Illness and Bereavement
The Critical Illness and Bereavement Division focuses on moms with children who have cancer, genetic disorders or have endured the loss of a child. Our organization brings hope to these moms while providing meaningful ways to remember their child.

Critical Illness and Bereavement Division Leader: Laura Beth Barrows

The Military Division focuses on moms that serve in the United States military or have a spouse that is serving in the military overseas.

Hospital Giving
The Hospital Giving Division focuses on mom’s that have emergency hospital stays due to illness or accident and do not have the essential’s for staying in the hospital. The MOMS. Bag includes: restaurant gift cards, gift cards, MOMS. Monogrammed Blanket, Bottle Water, KiZE, Socks, Coffee Thermos, Healthy Snack, Sweet Treat, Shampoo & Conditioner (Travel Size), Deodorant (Travel Size), Hair Bands, Toothbrush & Toothpaste (Travel Size), Make-Up Wipes, Lip Balm, Hair Brush, Mints, Facial Cleanser and Lotion, Hand Lotion, Agenda. Each Bag is worth $100.00.

Hospital Giving: Lindsey VanGorder