On Tuesday April 4, 2017 our son Bear had an appointment with a Gastroenterologist in Dallas, Texas. Our pediatrician had found some discrepancies in his lab work that had continued to raise concern.

As we walked through the doors of The Children’s Hospital, I felt as though we were entering into another life. There were so many beautiful families that visited the hospital routinely. I realized that this could become part of our new normal. I walked the halls recognizing what seemed like a thousand stories. I prayed for the Moms and their families as I passed them. Their strength seemed beyond measure.

We received wonderful news from the doctor. We walked out praising God and holding back tears. I was so grateful, but I felt as though I were leaving these other Moms behind. I felt I had connected with so many other Moms, so I prayed.

Early the next morning Bear woke me and as I rocked him I continued to praise God for our good news. I heard God calling out to me, He told me to bless, encourage and pray for these Moms. I am still in awe of that moment. The next day I began contacting other Moms in my life. Within two weeks we had a working team filled with Moms ready to serve. Many of which have stayed with their children in the hospital and some with children that have special needs.

Today we have a 100% non-profit organization. God is on the move in the community and in our hearts. Giving the glory to God, we are ready to serve our community, and to make sure no Mom gets left behind.

Ally Myers | President